Beijing to Resume Purchases From Boeing: Report

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
November 13, 2023China in Focus

A Sunday report from Bloomberg says China is eying new aircraft purchases from Boeing.

China stopped buying aircraft from the American plane maker over six years ago. In the shadow of growing tensions between the two countries.

Not to mention, the two deadly crashes linked to Boeing’s 737 Max airplanes.

Less than 24 hours after news of the possible China purchase broke, Boeing’s stock started rising.

Many see it as Beijing extending a friendly gesture toward Washington.

President Joe Biden is set to talk with Chinese leader Xi Jinping face-to-face in San Francisco and on the agenda: expanding U.S.–China trade.

China Buys Over 3 Million Tons of US Soybeans

Besides Boeing, Beijing just made an enormous purchase of U.S. soybeans totaling over 3 million metric tons, according to the world’s biggest crop trader, Cargill.

In light of the upcoming meeting, Beijing’s intentions behind the huge soybean order are raising questions.

Cargill’s executive Alex Sanfeliu told Bloomberg that China is buying higher quantities than anyone could’ve imagined.

Soybeans—considered a kind of oilseed—have a range of uses, including chicken feed, cooking oil, and renewable diesel.

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