Biden Administration Blames Trump for Border Crisis; ICE Agent’s Lesson From Cartel Ambush

We explore the border security crisis with retired Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) supervisory special agent Victor Avila and immigration strategy and policy expert Lora Ries, who served as Department of Homeland Security acting deputy chief of staff for the Trump administration.

In his first press conference as president, Joe Biden laid the blame for the current border crisis unabashedly at the feet of the Trump administration. However, the Mexican president disagrees.

Meanwhile, candid photographs of the Customs and Border Protection overflow facility this week reveal further border realities.

Avila, who narrowly survived an ambush by Mexican cartels, and Ries, an over-23-year veteran of the homeland security arena, give their insights into these and other aspects of the unfolding southern border crisis in 2021.

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