Biden Losing Allies’ Confidence: Experts Warn ‘Poor Execution of Plan’

After the Afghanistan withdrawal and the AUKUS deal leaving France empty-handed, concerns are rising among allies over the credibility of the United States under President Joe Biden. Is this a big problem, and in turn, a hindrance to diplomacy in the future? We aim to explore the positive big ideas—like AUKUS—yet poor execution—like the Afghan withdrawal and the relationship of the two are playing out in the Biden administration, and how they should look forward.

I have two special guests: Alexander Gray, a senior fellow at National Security Affairs, and previously deputy assistant to the president and chief of staff in the National Security Council under President Donald Trump; and Richard Bitzinger, an independent international security analyst and defense researcher. They take us into the details and the greater political aspects AUKUS provides.

Join us for this part 2 episode on the shifting global order into the Indo-Pacific and how the U.S. administration is doing with allies in the Pacific Ocean.