Bikers provide unconditional protection to child victim of hate crime

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January 2, 2017Stories
Bikers provide unconditional protection to child victim of hate crime

Seven-year-old Eze is biracial and was being targeted by racists. The little boys’ schoolmates and even his neighbours did their level best to hurt him – they scribbled a racial slur on his mother’s car and on a sawhorse tossed into their yard.  In another incidence they tossed a fried chicken and watermelon onto their car. 


Photo: Screenshot from CBS Boston video

All this had made life difficult for Eze. Imagine how stressful and traumatising it would be for a little boy to be targeted like this. But then change happened! 20 bikers came along, rallying along and supporting him, bringing him love, confidence and strength to stand strong for himself.

Steve Vachon, who’s a biker and lives in Eze’s neighborhood watched him being traumatized everyday and came up with the exciting idea.


Photo: Screenshot from CBS Boston video

Steve is a member of the Manchester Motorcycle Club and he got together 20 of his friends from the club to rally around Eze. “Nothing’s ever happened on our road like that and it’s just wrong, and I don’t like it,” said Steve Vachon, according to CBS, Boston.

The twenty bikers rallied around Eze and his family and accompanied them the way celebrities would be treated – their all bikes roaring to the boy’s school in Derry, Massachusetts.

This simple, thoughtful act helped the family to no longer feel intimidated.


Photo: Screenshot from CBS Boston video

Steve and his twenty friends then went a step ahead. They made Eze an honorary member of their Manchester Motorcycle Club on November 11, 2016. “We just want to share something with the kid, that he has people who care about him,” Steve said. The group held a ceremony where they honored him with a helmet, a personal jacket, and a ride of a lifetime.


Photo: Screenshot from CBS Boston video

Eze obviously loved the bike ride. “The best part of today is riding a motorcycle,” he said. “It means a lot because I’ve never been part of a big, giant club.”

His mother, Jaci Stimson is very touched by bikers’ this gesture towards her boy. “I think it means the world to him. He knows the town supports him and no one hates him, and that he can walk with pride and he doesn’t have to be scared.”

And Eze has a new dream – “When I grow up I’m going to get a motorcycle,” he said.

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