Boy Collects Cans to Buy Christmas Present, Then Police Get Involved

By Petr Svab

Sophia Reed was in a tough spot. She’s just moved to Oklahoma City. Her husband had left her and she was now the sole carer for four children in a completely new place. She had a sparsely furnished apartment but no money.

“There was nothing under the Christmas tree,” she told WCVB. “I couldn’t afford the Christmas this year for the kids.”

To top if off, her son Deauris, 13, was sneaking out without telling her where he was going.

Reed felt that the situation had gotten out of hand gone, so she called the police. Officer Roland Russell came to check on Deauris.

“On my way out to my car, I go down the stairs and I see him sitting there,” Russell said. “It was, like probably, 30 degrees outside, and he had a little T-shirt on.”

Russel started talking to Deauris, trying to learn what was going on.

“He tells me that he’s out trying to get these cans together to give his family a Christmas,” Russel said.

Picking up the recyclable cans, the boy was able to collect $25, wanting to buy a present for his mother.

Russel kept the boy’s secret, but wanted to do something for the family. He talked to his colleagues at the Southwest Division of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

And the word started to spread.

“I started getting messages from all kinds of people,” Russell said. “I didn’t think I was going to and it ended up turning into a pretty big deal.”

The department raised about $900 and bought a plethora of presents for the Reeds.

“We topped it off with three huge pizzas from Sam’s and took it to the family,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Deauris got a bicycle, his mother got clothes, and 4-year-old Lauren received toys. Gifts were also awaiting the other children. The family used the money Deauris earned to buy wrapping paper, nestling the presents under their Christmas tree.

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