A creative artist solved a little boy’s sleeping trouble by painting his room’s ceiling like a stunning galaxy

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January 7, 2017Stories
A creative artist solved a little boy’s sleeping trouble by painting his room’s ceiling like a stunning galaxy

Getting kids to sleep all by themselves, in their own separate rooms, is indeed challenging for parents! But some parents do it fantastically differently, packing fun along with sound-sleep for their little ones.

Read on how one such couple, on seeing their child’s difficulty, requested their artist friend to help them out … Perhaps you too might like the idea!

“[My friend] has a little boy who refuses to sleep in his own room,” Crispin later told BuzzFeed News. “When my friend got his new place, he wanted me to come over and paint the room, hoping it will entice his son to sleep in it.”

The artist friend, Crispin Young Wilson, who paints in her spare time, then, came up with a brilliant idea.  She transformed the bedroom ceiling into an azure night sky filled with sparkling stars. The bedroom ceiling came alive and looked just amazing.

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To add more drama to the whole concept, she thought of having the galaxy show up only in the dark of the night.  So she used glow-in-the-dark paint and had amazing results.  She beautifully created a star studded impression of the night on the ceiling.  This mirage could stun anyone, young or old who would enter the room!

“I use a huge mix of different paint products, and fortunately they all react to a black light, so I just need to have a dark room and a few power outlets, not to mention some drop cloths, a sturdy ladder, and good music,” she explained how she went about her creative inspiration!

But what really draws your attention is that the room looks absolutely normal in daylight or with lights switched on!

Source: Twitter

Finally, when all was ready… Benjamin was taken to his room.  The parents switch the lights off …  and then the magic happens!

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“Ben sounds very proud. I think he will love his new room, and it makes me so happy to help make his transition to the new home a little easier and more enjoyable,” Crispin states happily.

This creative idea has drawn quick attention on Twitter and the photos of the stars cape is spreading like wild fire.  Additionally, the young artist is flooded with request for similar projects from all over Oregon.

“It’s a little surreal, but I’m just so touched at how positive it’s been,” she said. “I’m definitely hoping to keep doing this and keep getting better at it.”

Source: Twitter

The stunning painting has undoubtedly made Ben and his parents happy. All the hard work surely paid! While it can be difficult for a child to adjust to a new home, these kind of tricks work well to help them move on.

Little Ben sure must be extremely proud showing off his bedroom to friends and family.

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