Brave dog risked its life to save a baby girl from a venomous snake!

By Sai
January 14, 2017Stories
Brave dog risked its life to save a baby girl from a venomous snake!

An abused dog was adopted by a loving family, then risked his life to save his owner’s little girl from deadly poisonous snake. In the rescuing mission the brave Doberman gets bitten badly.

A family in Australia decided to take in a Doberman named Khan, who was badly abused by its  previous owner.

Catherine, mother of a 17-month-old daughter, made up her mind that she was going to do everything she could to make sure their new pet was safe and happy.


The dog almost became a caretaker for Catherine’s sweet little daughter, Charlotte…

Charlotte was happy and cheerful in Khan’s company.

But just on the fourth day of Khan’s adoption, Catherine saw that their new pet was behaving very strange while seemingly playing with her little daughter. She saw the dog was pushing her around in their lawn, and before she could do anything, the dog snatched Charlotte and threw her a distance.


Catherine was horrified for a moment, but just right then her pet dog let out a strange howl of pain. She realized that Khan was not hurting Charlotte, but protecting her from the deadly venom of a snake that had gotten into the property.


Faced with this grave situation, Khan made a split-second judgment and gripped Charlotte by her diapers, then threw her to safety. Sadly, Khan was bitten on the leg. He kept barking at the snake as angrily as he could, despite the fact that the poison was already circulating in his blood. The snake slithered away as the brave and loyal dog collapsed.

Catherine rushed Khan immediately to the veterinary doctor and arranged for an antivenom.

The Doberman breed has a bad reputation due to the animals’ sharp and quick and aggressive behavior. After reading this story you may change your outlook, their love and loyalty are incredibly pure.

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