Brilliant rideable suitcase—up to 8 miles per hour

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By NTD Newsroom
January 31, 2017Style
Brilliant rideable suitcase—up to 8 miles per hour

Once you’re inside an airport you need to walk every single meter… as if the ride to the airport wasn’t unpleasant enough now you have to rush through check-in and to your gate.

It might happen that you plan everything perfectly but then the inevitable happens and you see yourself running through the terminal as if you could be a linebacker in the NFL… Now, there is a solution to avoid running!

The Modobag Riding Suitcase will change your airport experience for sure. Just sit on the suitcase and do if it was Mario Kart. Just without the banana peels and mushrooms…

A standard airport terminal wont be longer than six miles, the distance a fully charged Modobag achieves at speeds of up to eight miles per hour. This is in fact three times as fast as walking and you’ll get to your gate in no time.