Bring Technology Into Classroom to Supplement Teachers, Gear Curriculum for Information Age: Author

Summer is around the corner and children will soon be leaving the classroom, but schools are struggling with a teacher shortage. The president of the National Education Association says a lack of respect and low pay are driving this. And a survey of theirs from 2022 found that 55 percent of educators are planning on leaving the profession.

NTD speaks to Jim Keyes, the author of “Education Is Freedom: The Future Is in Your Hands,” who says states are employing short-term solutions like engaging volunteers and playing with ideas surrounding retirement. But he points to a larger problem in the education system involving a so-called culture war, which has led to teachers bearing the blame, whereas Mr. Keyes says the public needs to take responsibility. He also states that technology should be brought into the classroom—without replacing teachers—with an emphasis on educating not for the Industrial Age, which is still the focus today, but for the Information Age.