Britain’s foreign minister meets new Somali president on surprise visit

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to Somalia on Wednesday (March 15) and met new President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

Johnson said the two men discussed the severe drought, which is affecting the war-torn country and which aid agencies said has left millions of people in crisis without enough food to eat.

Britain’s foreign secretary pledged the U.K. government’s continued support for Somalia during the crisis including US$134.35 million (110 million pounds) in aid which, he said, will be used to provide help for people who really need it.

Somalia is on the brink of its second famine since 2011, with people already dying from hunger and diarrhea resulting from drought.

Later, the British foreign minister inspected Ugandan UNSOM troops on parade and he watched British U.N. troops taking part in a training exercise.