Building a coffee table isn’t that difficult

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January 9, 2017Entertainment
Building a coffee table isn’t that difficult

1. DIY Pine & Oak Dining Table For Eight – When broken down in steps, this table seems totally doable. Created in a few days and on a budget of about $350, Elsie of A Beautiful Mess was able to build a custom table that matched her home and her aesthetic.


2. DIY Farmhouse Table by Tommy & Ellie – I love the weathered look of farmtables, but they can come at a pretty hefty price. With this one, it is thousands of dollars less than you buy from store!


3. DIY Driftwood-stained Table by Stylizimo – This project wins the award for easiest table ever made. It was built in a day and the steps make it seem so easy. View the full how-to over on Stylizimo!


4. DIY Wood Pallet Table – If you like the rustic look, this table is for you. It was built from wood pallets and has modern hairpin legs to keep it simple! Just make sure to sand it and seal it really well!


5. DIY Dining Room Table by Design For Mankind – We can’t all be married to talented woodworkers, but we can recreate this table. Built following a simple farmtable design, this table has removable extensions at each end to accommodate extra guests if needed! Erin of Design For Mankind shares the details over on HGTV!