Once bullied at school for her weight, she transformed into a stunning nutritionist!

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January 24, 2017Stories
Once bullied at school for her weight, she transformed into a stunning nutritionist!

Because she was overweight, Christina had a rough time with bullies in school. Fear of being abandoned even by her friends always loomed large in her mind. How she took her life into her own hands is nothing less than inspiring.

Christina could not believe her luck when a boy asked her to the prom. She was absolutely thrilled. Christina went with her mom and bought herself a stunning dress. But when the prom night arrived, she waited and waited – she had been stood up.

The next day the boy told her, “I’m not going to dance with you, you’re too fat.” The rejection was extremely painful.

Despite this and many similar incidents, Christina summoned the strength to make a change for the better.


It wasn’t easy. After completing high school, she got married to a caring husband who loved her unconditionally. Christina put on more weight. Her obesity continued to embarrass her—she would not fit into any of the rides in the amusement park and a passenger refused to sit next to her on a flight.

A flight attendant even advised her to book two seats in the future.


Christina decided this was it.  She tried to lose weight but her efforts did not pay off. She really tried very very hard attempting different methods. Then she decided to seriously give it her last—as she calls it—the 101st try. She cut out all the junk food and started walking because it was the only physical activity she could manage with her sort of weight.

She did not diet, she didn’t count calories, she just eats fruits, veggies, complex carbohydrates, and lean meats.

Christina lost a total of 113 pounds.  This was not an overnight achievement, but due to her commitment to her health, it finally did happen.


Now she has turned into a master nutritionist and is in a position to help others in a similar situation, struggling with their health and their social lives.


You got to see it to believe it !

Watch the video below to witness her unbelievable transformation!