Burns: Foreign Companies Delaying Investing In China

Along the same line, Washington is taking issue with some of Beijing’s other policies.

Voicing concerns about what it called China’s “punitive” action towards some U.S. companies.

Likewise, certain American companies are delaying their planned investments in China.

This is the message the U.S. Ambassador to China, Nicholas Burns, conveyed to Chinese authorities Tuesday.

He warned that the vague wording of China’s newly-amended espionage law could “imperil” academic researchers, professors, and journalists.

China’s foreign ministry recently raided the China-based offices of several American companies, detaining local staff.

Burns says “A lot of foreign firms are delaying making major investments until they see some consistency in messaging from China.”

He also stated that China and the U.S. need greater stability in their relations.

He says the U.S. and China have seen a decoupling of their societies over the last three years—calling that not healthy or smart.


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