Business elites enlightened from Shen Yun Performance


On 29 April, in Adelaide of Austalia, the fourth show was perfomed by Shen Yun New York Compay, and attracted many mainstream business elites. They expressed their understanding from the Shen Yun Show about the concept of heaven and earth. Good deeds will be rewarded with opportunity of going back to Heaven.

Norman Schueler, scrap metal merchant: “Very, very graceful. The color and the way they danced was really, very, very graceful.”

Jodie Kemp, plumbing business owner,“Everything, the color, the designs, yeah just everything about the costumes. Absolutely fantastic.”

Norman Schuyler said, “The Tibetan drummers were of particular note. That was of very high precision. And everything that involved the photographic backdrop was also of a high class. Placing human values high, of honesty and respect, and being truthful to one another. That way, you don’t leave any doubts.”

Steve Wise, Property Developer: “The whole concept of Heaven and Earth, and the fact that we’re here, with an opportunity, and opportunities to go back to Heaven by being good.

I think it’s very important that you do the right thing, and that, you have an opportunity now, to do the very best for everybody, and that ultimately, you’ll be judged.”

Norman Schueler thanked Shen Yun for bringing the semi-devine Chinese culture to South Australia.

Norman Schueler: “Everyone knows that Chinese culture is the oldest culture in the world, almost, and that we can all draw lessons from it. And if one adheres to one’s traditions and one’s culture, it makes obviously for a longer life and a great dynasty.

It was great that you’re bring Chinese culture to South Australia and it is by greater cultural understanding that we bring countries together,” he said.

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