This business man sacrificed all his life savings to rescue over 200 abandoned dogs

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January 6, 2017Stories
This business man sacrificed all his life savings to rescue over 200 abandoned dogs

This kind-hearted night-club owner left his highly paid business, in order to take care of hundreds of poor abandoned dogs that were left to starve on the streets of Greece. What an inspiring selfless act!

During the financial crisis period, the people of Greece were struggling for a stable life. It was difficult for them to fend for themselves and their families; so the choice they had to make between family and a pet, was quite obvious.  You cannot, for sure, say that the people who showed the door to their pets were cruel.  But life’s like that!

Then along came Takis – the man who welcomed all little stray pups and abandoned dogs into this big heart.

“One day I went to the rubbish dump, and I saw horrible and crazy things there,” recounts Theoklitos Proestakis, who is lovingly called as Takis.

“There were so many dogs, and they had broken legs, they were starving, they were so skinny and so sick and dying. It horrified me.”  (Mail-on-line On Twitter )

He was so moved by the plight of these miserable souls that he decided to do what he could single-handedly.  He would pick up at least one pup per day and soon he ran out of space.  So he set up the ‘Takis Shelter.’

Soon he ran short of funds.  He decided to sell his only possessions, his car and caravan to continue caring for his new friends.

Have a strong heart?  Go ahead and view the pictures … And of course the happy ending!!!

Their conditions were miserable, but Takis took them all to his shelter, where  love and care was in abundance!


Takis has rescued 200 dogs in all picking them up from various places!


His dedication to his cause deserves an applause!


Takis goes around practically everyday, looking for more dogs to save.

He works alone,  seven days a week.  Once the pups recover, he puts their pictures online offering them to loving families for adoption.

Facebook / Takis Shelter

Takis Shelter has now grown to 5,200 square meters.  The monthly expenses for food and vet costs amount to about $2,275.  He receives around 98% of the donations from kind souls outside Greece as the local authorities are not in a position to contribute.


With need for more funds mounting, Takis recently launched a YouCaring fundraising page.  He aimed at receiving around $1,705, but instead received a whopping $26,505!


Takis was deeply touched with the response and thanked all the donors for their kind contributions!


This is Takis Shelter!



What A Happy Ending!!! You can watch Takis talking about his journey in the video below!

A Remarkable Human Being! These are the only words that come to my mind when describing him.

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