Supreme Court Extends Time Limit to Challenge Fed Rules | Business Matters Full Broadcast (July 1)

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After the Chevron ruling, came Corner Post on Monday. Together, the Supreme Court on July 1 made it easier for American businesses to challenge federal regulations.

In the Corner Post ruling, the highest court ruled 6–3 that a retailer can challenge the fees the Federal Reserve System allows banks to charge for processing debit card transactions, despite not filing the challenge before the usual six-year cutoff. This will allow businesses to bring fresh challenges to long-existing regulations.

Boeing has agreed to buy one of its suppliers, Spirit Aerosystems, for $8.3 billion. Boeing says the deal will help improve the quality and safety of its planes, after a series of safety-related incidents.

Scammers are impersonating utility company representatives to defraud people by threatening the deactivation of service, the nonprofit Better Business Bureau is warning.