Exploited Foreign Workers Found Making Luxury Goods; AI Exam Cheating Goes 94 Percent Undetected: Study | Business Matters Full Broadcast (July 2)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
July 2, 2024Business Matters
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Italian investigators discovered exploited foreign workers making Armand and Dior luxury handbags, among other goods. Luxury brands have high price tags, partly because consumers expect them to be made by skilled workers in artisanal workshops.

A study found that exam papers completed by artificial intelligence software went undetected 94 percent of the time. Bans on using AI-like ChatGPT have proven to be difficult, according to the new study.

The Biden administration on July 2 announced $504 million in funding for 12 regional tech hubs to support the growth of critical technologies and sectors such as semiconductors, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and clean energy.