China’s Temu Is Malware: State Attorney General; Google’s Carbon Emissions Rise 50 Percent | Business Matters Full Broadcast (July 3)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
July 3, 2024Business Matters
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Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin has issued a stark warning against using the Temu marketplace app, labeling it a “data theft business.” His office filed a lawsuit alleging Temu uses malware to access personal data. The app, operated by China-based Pinduoduo Inc., is accused of invasive data collection practices.

Google’s greenhouse gas emissions have soared almost 50 percent in five years, according to the company’s annual environmental report on Tuesday. The spike is due to the expansion of its data centers that underpin artificial intelligence systems, but it puts Google’s target of getting to “net zero” emissions by 2030 in jeopardy.

Credit card delinquency rates are on the rise. A new WalletHub report shows that in some cities, the average number of credit cards in delinquency has increased by more than 80 percent since last year.