Wells Fargo Fires Employees for Allegedly Faking Work; Consumer Sentiment Hits 7-Month Low | Business Matters Full Broadcast (June 14)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
June 14, 2024Business Matters
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Wells Fargo last month terminated more than a dozen employees after reviewing allegations that they were involved in simulation of keyboard activity, creating an impression of active work, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday.

Consumer sentiment deteriorated in June as households worried about inflation and incomes, a survey showed on Friday.

Federal authorities and Boeing are trying to figure out why a 737 Max 8 did a rare and dangerous back-and-forth roll during a recent flight.

G7 leaders pledged to tackle what they said were harmful business practices by China. The G7 members—the United States, Italy, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and Canada—focused on China’s economic clout and what they see as unbalanced markets in areas such as electric vehicles, steel, and renewable energy.