US Home Prices Hit Record High; Trump Floats Green Cards to Foreign Graduates | Business Matters Full Broadcast (June 21)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
June 21, 2024Business Matters
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The National Association of Realtors reports home prices rose to a record high in May, with the median price now $419,000. According to Zillow, households would need to save more than $127,000 to make a down payment on a typical home and afford the mortgage payment.

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday floated a proposal to automatically give green cards to foreign students graduating from American colleges so they can stay and work here in the country. NTD spoke to an immigration lawyer about the likelihood and potential impact of such a rule.

The United States on Friday issued draft rules for banning or requiring notification of certain investments in artificial intelligence and other technology sectors in China that could threaten U.S. national security.