Apple Charged With Breaching EU Tech Rules; China Wants EU to Scrap EV Tariffs | Business Matters Full Broadcast (June 24)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
June 24, 2024Business Matters
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Apple is in hot water with European authorities again. EU antitrust regulators said Monday the company’s App Store conditions breach the bloc’s tech rules. They accuse the U.S. tech giant of preventing app developers from steering consumers to alternative, cheaper, offers. It’s a charge that could lead to a large fine for the iPhone maker. The accusation against Apple is the first by the European Commission under its landmark Digital Markets Act, or DMA.

China is pressing the EU to drop its new tariffs on the country’s electric vehicles. Duties of up to 38.1 percent are due to kick in on July 4, while the bloc investigates what it says are excessive subsidies. The two sides have now agreed to resume talks on the matter, according to reports by state-controlled media in China.

There’s an interesting new partnership between retail giant Target and online shopping giant Shopify. If you have a trendy store or some hip products on your Shopify e-commerce website, you may now be able to list those products directly on Target’s online marketplace Target Plus. You could even find your products on Target shelves.