California Calls for Pause on Vaccine Batch

A higher than usual number of people have what appear to be allergic reactions to one batch of the Moderna vaccine, up to 9 people at a community clinic in California. It’s enough to prompt the California health department to ask clinics to stop doses from that batch of vaccines.

Clinics are to put what’s left of a 330,000 dose shipment of the Moderna vaccine on hold.

California’s top epidemiologist, Dr. Erica Pan, made the recommendation after several people appeared to suffer from a severe allergic reaction sometime before Jan. 17—within 24 hours of taking the CCP virus vaccine.

The doctor said in a statement they’re asking for a pause of this particular lot “until the investigation by the CDC, FDA, Moderna and the state is complete.” Other Moderna lots are still in use.

According to the Health Department, the potentially allergic reactions look like anaphylaxis.

A swollen face, hives, and trouble breathing are symptoms of this reaction.

But anaphylaxis can also be deadly.

The Health Department says they sent the vaccine shipment in question to nearly 290 providers across California.

And that they should have arrived between Jan. 5 to 12.

The Health Department’s statement didn’t say how many people have already been vaccinated with doses from this batch. Nor did it say how many providers agreed to hold off on using them.

NTD contacted California’s health department for more information. But they said they didn’t have any more information to give us.