California Shooting Victim Hailed as ‘Hero’

A shooting in California leaves one dead and five injured—all six Taiwanese—while the shooter is a member of a Beijing-linked group.

In a rare protest in one of Beijing’s top universities, hundreds of students gathered to oppose the lockdown and ended up tearing down a fence.

How long will China’s virus restrictions last? Beijing might have just offered a hint by giving up hosting rights to a sporting event set for next summer.

A new bill is on the way. If it passes, visa applicants will have to disclose any and all ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Billionaire Elon Musk is set to become the new owner of Twitter. But how deep are his ties to China?

Topics in this episode:
Shanghai’s Long-Awaited Return to ‘Normal’
Beijing Students Protest Campus Restrictions
Virus Surge Hits Coastal Metropolis, Rules Tighten
Beijing COVID-19 Rules Likely Staying to Next Summer
New Act to Tighten Curbs on Communist Party Members
China Sets Curbs for International Communications
Could Musk’s Ties to China Affect Twitter?
Chinese Authorities Warn Farmers of Food Crisis
China’s Pandemic Control Workers Sent to Quarantine
UK: New Aid Strategy to Challenge Malign Actors
North Korea Battles Drug Shortages Amid Outbreak

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