California Student Runs Woman Over After She Confronts Him For Stealing Candy

A Thousand Oaks High School staff member is being treated for life-threatening injuries after a 16-year-old student ran her over with his car on Feb. 8.

According to the Thousand Oaks Acorn, the female activities assistant confronted the student after he allegedly stole candy from a school concession stand—and the student responded with a hit and run.

Lisa Solis has been an employee at the Conejo Valley Unified School District for over 10 years, according to a GoFundMe campaign started by her sister, Vanessa Hernandez.

Solis’s husband, who works as an overseas contractor, was forced to leave his job to be with his wife and two daughters after being notified about what happened. As Solis recovers, the student faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Game Day at Thousand Oaks

police report about the incident states that during a school basketball ball game, Solis stood in front of the student’s car, trying to stop the student from leaving the school’s parking lot.

However, the student did not stop the vehicle and toppled Solis, continuing to drive on top of her, causing serious injuries. He then fled the scene.

Deputies then encountered the student near his home and made an arrest, booking him at the Juvenile Justice Center.

Although there were passengers in the car at the time of the incident, they were not charged, according to Thousand Oaks Acorn. They may face consequences if evidence shows that they were involved in stealing items from the concession stand, but this is still under investigation.

In the meantime, Solis is recovering from a brain hemorrhage, a broken collarbone, a broken jaw, broken ribs, and punctures in both lungs. The GoFundMe campaign surpassed the $25,000 goal, raising more than $30,000 thousand dollars as of Feb. 11.

Abundant Thoughts and Prayers

The Conejo Valley School District issued a statement about the tragedy on Twitter.

Solis’s sister described how well-respected Solis was for her dedication to Thousand Oaks High School and her students on the GoFundMe page. Her sister wasn’t short of prayers from the community.

The case is currently under investigation.