California Today Full Broadcast (July 14)

Gun makers and dealers in California may be facing legal problems in the near future. The governor signed a bill into law that will allow victims of gun violence to sue the companies who produce and sell firearms. We’ll hear what people are saying about it.

For months, the Los Angeles County sheriff has been at odds with the board of supervisors. Now, the board is looking for a way to remove him from office. But it will ultimately be up to voters.

A family who has owned a farm for three generations talked about the difficulties they’re facing to stay in business. Part of it’s from competition, and part of it’s from policy.

As more and more businesses are leaving the state, another tech giant is showing signs of downsizing. We’ll take a look at which company.

A police story that doesn’t end in arrest or prison: a county sheriff’s office held a special scavenger hunt for a junior deputy, with a very special reward at the end.