California Today Full Broadcast (July 26)

Though it’s currently the largest active fire in the state, the Oak Fire is under control, officials say. The fire grew rapidly over the weekend, and we’ll have details for you about any threat it may pose to Yosemite National Park.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that allows Californians to sue gun manufacturers. It’s a copy of a law in Texas that targets abortion providers.

There’s a police shortage in San Francisco, California. One sergeant says officers are leaving due to policies that frustrate them, leaving more work for the ones who are still on the job.

The port of Oakland is back in operation after truckers protested outside it for five days. The protest comes in response to a gig law that will likely increase their costs of operating.

People can now use cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, to donate to California political campaigns. The change comes after crypto was banned for several years for fear of anonymous campaign donations.

A women’s shelter is now open in San Diego, looking to help the homeless. It’s in partnership with the Catholic Church.