California Today Full Broadcast (July 28)

A parent is suing California’s biggest school district for allegedly giving her son a COVID jab without her consent. A physician had previously discouraged him from getting it for medical reasons, but the mother says the school coerced her boy.

Cities in Southern California have openly stated they will not comply with mask mandates coming back to Los Angeles County.

Another COVID lockdown measure may be ending for one Silicon Valley city: early release from jail. The mayor said in a press conference that it’s turned the jailhouse door into a quote “turnstile.”

In Southern California, a sheriff’s deputy talked about the difficulties they’re facing in illegal marijuana sellers marketing toward children. They’re doing it by making edible marijuana candies disguised as brand name sweets. And they’re even using new ways to avoid law enforcement.

A zoo in Santa Ana has put a butterfly exhibit on display. We’ve got what you can see there, and what’s best to wear to attract the colorful, fluttering insects.