California Today Full Broadcast (March 17)

Following the recent bank collapse, Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company filed for bankruptcy protection. But another bank in a similar situation has 11 larger banks rescuing it.

Southern California’s Orange County announced a ban on the social media app TikTok, saying the app poses a national security risk.

Meanwhile, in Northern California, San Mateo County school officials filed a lawsuit against three major social media companies. The attorney on the case says it’s about protecting children’s mental health.

The governor announced plans to transform an infamous state prison into a rehabilitation center. The decision is part of his plan to reduce the state’s inmate population.

Break in the storms has given locals time to assess the damages. Residents in a small town by a river say they are nervously watching water levels rise.

The mansion filmed in the “Princess Diaries” is on sale—for nearly $9 million. The 100-year-old San Francisco villa overlooks the skyline.