California Today Full Broadcast (March 22)

Homelessness is a major issue throughout the state. After Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed one solution, Republican lawmakers are offering a more accountable option.

Three different groups are either on strike or considering a strike. We’ll look at the groups and what the conflict is between them and their employers.

After 45 years, a California police department solved a cold case homicide. The murderer is identified and the victim’s family is starting their healing process.

A pre-school teacher in Southern California led her class in what sounds to be an anti-Joe Biden chant. One mother pulled her daughter from the school and explains why.

Amid these record-high gas prices, Republican lawmakers are calling on the governor to reopen California’s drilling operations. They say his desk is covered in drilling permits.

Cadbury is hosting its national Easter Bunny tryouts for all kinds of different pet animals. This year, a dog from Southern California is a finalist.