California Today Full Broadcast (May 3)

The whole country is talking about the leak from the U.S. Supreme Court about Roe v. Wade, and California is no different. The governor made his stance clear. Another man took the opposite stance in a much more dramatic fashion: by scaling San Francisco’s tallest building.

A recent poll shows California parents are concerned about learning loss from pandemic lockdowns. But at the same time, their opinions about what to do seem a bit contradictory, according to one analyst. 

The state’s new budget, despite a massive surplus, did not include funds for a child protection task force. The team’s goal is to stop online predators against children.

A district attorney election debate is heating up, but not over policies. The incumbent allegedly tripped one of the candidates.

A co-founder of Black Lives Matter was forcibly removed from a Los Angeles mayoral debate. The debate was not open to the public, but she entered the room nonetheless.

The last cherry blossom festival of the year in Silicon Valley was held. Even though there were no blossoms to be seen, traditional Japanese culture was on full display for guests.