California Today Full Broadcast (Sept. 12)

Fires in Northern California continue to rage, and firefighters are battling on. In Southern California, a rare hurricane brought rain to slow one fire, but some other issues came with all that water.

A scholarship bribery case for a California university may involve a candidate in Los Angeles’s mayoral race.

The state’s Department of Education has a reading list with dozens of LGBT books. We’ll look at how young some of the intended audiences are.

Despite all the state’s spending, homelessness in Los Angeles continues to go up, according to the recent point-in-time count.

The company responsible for an oil spill in Southern California last year will pay tens of millions of dollars in fees. But the attorney general is not done with lawsuits against the energy company.

A car collector showed off his garage to NTD. We hear what drives him to gather these classic vehicles.