California Today Full Broadcast (Sept. 26)

Investigators may have found the source of what led to the largest wildfire in the state so far this year—allegedly, a PG&E power line. A lawsuit is now being filed against the once-bankrupt energy provider.

California’s governor signed a bill into law that would provide state identification for illegal immigrants. He says it’s to better provide health care for the individuals.

The state’s attorney general has taken over an ongoing alleged corruption case in Los Angeles involving elected county officials. The move followed a probe by the sheriff’s office.

Conservationists are looking to protect whales from a much more immediate threat than the usual environmental concerns: cargo ships. One representative talks about how they are protecting the marine mammals from the massive boats that frequent the ports on California shores.

Drag racers gathered for an event in Sacramento, but also to spread awareness. They’re working to warn their female friends and fellow drivers about a certain kind of cancer that targets only them.