California Today Full Broadcast (Sept. 28)

One of the many COVID loan fraudsters was recently sentenced to several years in prison. We’ll hear just how much he got from the state, and what he spent it on.

A housing program in Los Angeles is only getting a portion of homeless people into long-term housing. The homeless count numbers came out earlier this month, citing an increase over the last two years.

A young designer has made his version of a Roomba on the seas. His ocean cleaning robot cruises through the waters, picking up garbage to later be disposed of.

As more and more commuters head back to work, one public commuter rail line in Southern California is offering a discount to riders in the coming months in celebration of its birthday.

One of the most widely spoken dialects of Chinese in America is decreasing in popularity. Several locals talked about how they’re disconnecting from their roots, and what they’re doing to get back to them.