California Today Full Broadcast (Sept. 8)

We’re heading into autumn, but fires are still burning throughout the state. We have an update on three of them.

Amid the heat wave and blackout concerns, Californians are asked to extend power conservation from 3–10 p.m. We speak to a college professor on the matter.

California has seen an increase in crime throughout the state. One survivor of violent crime says the state’s laws are prioritizing offenders over victims.

A hurricane in Mexico is weakening as it heads toward the San Diego area. But experts say California is likely to dodge the storm.

In a medical scheme very much akin to Theranos, a CEO has been found guilty of fraud. He claimed his company could diagnose COVID and other diseases through a single drop of blood.

Police had to make an unexpected eviction: a hungry brown bear with a sweet tooth. Authorities got a bear out of one house after it devoured the residents’ cake.