Can Democrats Retake House via California?

Simone Gao: One-third of the seats Democrats need to flip to regain the House are in California. So do you think Democrats will overtake those seats in California?

Shawn Steel: Excellent question. I am Californian. I am the committeeman for the Republican Party from California. And you’re correct. One-third of their possible seats are in California. They would have to win half the Republican delegation. There’s 14 Republicans. They’re targeting seven. They will not win seven. Today, I would say they will win one for sure, and three are undecided. So they’re not going to get enough from California to conquer the House. Chances are we have a good, young, anti-communist Young Kim, who’s running for a seat that we thought we were in trouble. She’s now ahead. Dana Rohrabacher, the Newport Beach congressman we were worried about, he’s slightly ahead, but Bloomberg just put 4 million—a super billionaire, Bloomberg just put $4 million against one congressman last night, Dana Rohrabacher. But Newport Beach is pretty conservative. So the Democrats are spending between 60 to 70 million dollars in California alone to beat up Republicans. That’s about 9 million apiece. This is big stakes. Nine million dollars can buy a lot of power, but when you have 60 to 70 million dollars going after seven congressmen, that’s enormously powerful. Now, we’re not alone. We have our own armies, we’re on the ground. We have our own voters. We have headquarters everywhere. It’s a classic battle, and nobody’s ahead decidedly. I would say, of the seven seats, four are safe. Three, two are in danger. One may be lost. So that’s not going to do it for Nancy. She’s going to have to get power in other states.

Simone Gao: What race will you be watching on the election night?

Shawn Steel: Well, I’m going to be focusing mostly in Orange County. I’m going to be looking at across the country. I’m going to be looking happily at North Dakota, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona for U.S. Senate seats. Very excited about Florida. Very excited about Indiana and Missouri. There’s some really good opportunities that might flow our way, much better than just picking up four seats. We may pick up seven. I mean, it could be quite historic. I’ll worry about the House, but I know Orange County, California, the best, so I’m going to be looking at Dana Rohrabacher and Young Kim. And then we got several Asian-Americans who are running for local offices. There’ll be Tyler Diep, a Vietnamese refugee from the communist in Vietnam, and he’s running for assembly. And so those are my big three races: Young Kim, a Korean; Tyler Diep, a Vietnamese; and Dana Rohrabacher, an original anti-communist and speech writer for Ronald Reagan.

Simone Gao: If Democrats retake the House, how will that affect the rest of President Trump’s term?

Shawn Steel: If the Democrats take over under Pelosi, there’s no such thing as a moderate Democrat. Anybody that says they’re willing to reach across the aisles—we saw that in the Kavanaugh hearings. Of all the Senators, only one Democrat voted for Kavanaugh. So they’re lockstep, tied down by the far left. Not much will happen in Congress, but the president will have a lot of power. Remember, Obama did pretty well with a Republican Congress in both houses. He did pretty well. And Trump is going to do great things in foreign policy. The economy’s going to continue to grow and expand. We are not going to get new laws passed, that’s only if they captured the house.