Canada, the US, and Mexico join forces for 2026 World Cup bid

Officials from Canada, the United States, and Mexico got together for a joint proposal on the 2026 World Cup. The three countries want to have 60 games in the United States, 10 games in Mexico, and 10 games in Canada. They will submit their proposal to FIFA for approval.
“We have the full support of the United States government in this project. The president of the United States is fully supportive and encouraged us to have this joint bid. He is especially pleased that Mexico is part of this bid and that’s in the last few days we’ve gotten further encouragement on that. So we are not at all concerned about some of the issues that other people may raise. We looked at bidding alone and decided in the end we wanted to bid with our partners in North America and we have strong encouragement from President Trump to that very end. So thank you,” said Sunil Gulati, president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.