20 years ago she refused to abort her quintuplet babies, now her little ones are soldiers and doctors!

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January 3, 2017Stories
20 years ago she refused to abort her quintuplet babies, now her little ones are soldiers and doctors!

To be pregnant with five babies is truly one risky choice and doctors often suggest selective-abortions in such cases. But when such moms show the mighty courage to carry their blessed load, miracles do happen! 

Twenty years ago, Susan Thompson, was an expecting young mother, who got pregnant with quintuplets. Her doctors advised selective reduction—removing two or even three of the embryos, to improve the odds of survival for the remaining babies—but Thompson knew from the word ‘go’ that there was no way she would agree to it.

Destiny played its part and today this amazing story of motherhood is inspiring many parents. About a year ago, Thompson posted her incredible journey of motherhood, and she ended up creating the Facebook page, Joy Unstolen.  Scroll down to read more about her quintuplet story.

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“At the age of 28, I found out I was pregnant with quintuplets. Immediately, my doctor talked to me about selective reduction.”

“When I said no, he sent me to a specialist who repeatedly asked me to consider reducing my pregnancy to triplets or even twins.”

“This went on for several months. My husband and I never considered this, not for a second.”

“God had given us these tiny children and He would take care of them.”

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“20 years later, I look back and can’t imagine our lives without any of them.

“After graduation, three joined the military to serve our country, and two are pursuing careers in the medical field.

“They are all responsible adults who love God and make this world a better place.”

“I chose to save their lives and now they are saving the lives of others.”

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After her original post blew up about a year ago, Thompson started the Facebook page, Joy Unstolen, to share her views on choosing to keep all five of her little ones, but holds no grudge against the doctors who recommended selective reduction.

Some people share disrespectful views about her doctors, but — though she felt strongly about her path — she’s still grateful to the medical professionals that helped her and her husband bring their quints into the world.

Writing to LittleThings, she explains: “Our doctors were amazing and very educated; the care we received was wonderful. Our beliefs are not the same, but we were very well taken care of.”

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While it’s true that multiple births are riskier than single births, they are more common — and safer — than ever before in history.

Thompson’a quintuplets all survived the birth, joining two older siblings in a household that we can only imagine was full of joyful chaos.

Thompson notes, “There was a short period we had 7 children under the age of 4 because of the way their birthdays lined up.” Wow!

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Thompson’s quints, now grown, join the growing ranks of quintuplets born around the world.

The very first surviving set, the Dionnes, were born back in the 1930s.

Today, there are roughly 30 to 40 sets of quints conceived annually in the U.S., though not all survive beyond pregnancy.

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Today, her quintuplets are all in their twenties with independent lives that take them all over the world.

All have chosen to dedicate their lives to helping others: one is in the Navy, another in the Naval Reserves, while a third serves with the Army. The two remaining quintuplets are studying to be an RN and an occupational therapist, respectively.

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Thompson’s experience is important in a time where selective reduction is a complicated choice that parents face now more than ever.

With birth and labor technology improving, and IVF rates on the rise, parents are much more likely today to face the situation of having four, five, or even more embryos sharing one womb.

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