Capitol Report (April 11): ‘Ghost Gun’ Regulation Enacted

President Joe Biden is touting cracking down on gun violence as he announces new “ghost gun” regulations. But how effective will this be and how does it relate to Second Amendment rights?

To fund or defund the police? This is a question that is polarizing the Democratic Party. As Biden calls for more funding for the police, we take a look at where those dollars are heading.

Biden and India’s leader spoke Monday, ahead of a strategic meeting at the Pentagon between the two countries. The United States is urging India to take a tough stance on Russia, and the Biden administration is working to deepen the U.S.-India alliance, as China ramps up its military posture, including nuclear weapons.

There are not many issues that are uniting both parties, but more Democrats are joining the effort to reinstate critical laws that slow illegal immigration. We’ll take a look at the implications of rescinding Title 42.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders held a hearing on whether corporate greed was fueling inflation, and Committee Republicans had a completely different take on diagnosing and solving this problem.

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