Capitol Report (April 29): Trump Returns to Social Media

With illegal immigration surging at the southern border, President Joe Biden and Mexico’s president spoke on Friday. What’s their plan?

For decades at the southern border, illegal immigrants have mostly originated from Mexico and other Central and South American countries, but now Border Patrol is catching people from countries all over the world—even from countries that are hotbeds for terrorism. Virginia Congressman Bob Good joins us to discuss.

The House has passed a bill to allow lending weapons to Ukraine. But under what circumstance should this be done, and what are some Republicans saying about this measure?

Former President Donald Trump posted his first message on his “Truth Social” account, signaling a return to social media.

The FDA is being asked for emergency use authorization of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for children. The agency is planning to meet with its vaccine expert advisory committee in June to first hear what they have to say.

Dr. Anthony Fauci signaled the pandemic was over, but then backtracked on his statements the following day. Has mixed messaging from what should be trusted public health officials damaged the public’s trust?

The House Jan. 6 committee will hold eight public hearings in June. And The Epoch Times obtained videos of a police officer assaulting an unconscious protester on Jan. 6.

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