Capitol Report (April 5): Support Surpasses Party Lines as Speaker McCarthy Meets Taiwan’s President; Legal Experts Question Case Against Trump

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen have a historic meeting. What do the two vow to do as China threatens to retaliate?

People all over the world are reacting to Tuesday’s unprecedented arraignment in New York. Media coverage also going on in full strength. We spoke with a journalist, who’s also the vice chairman of the Conservative Caucus, to get his insight on the media’s role in the ongoing legal battle.

Two big wins for Democrats in Wisconsin and Chicago this week—Lori Lightfoot is replaced as Chicago mayor with a progressive Democrat, and Wisconsin’s Supreme Court majority now favors liberals ahead of key rulings on abortion and other issues.

A North Carolina lawmaker is switching parties, and her new party will now have a super-majority in the state.

The United States is facing a drug shortage crisis. An expert joins us to explore some of the reasons behind it, and possible solutions.

NATO said Wednesday that Ukraine will become a member. Meanwhile, the alliance is sending a warning to China.