Capitol Report (Aug. 1): Federal Government to Issue IDs to Illegal Immigrants; Pelosi Heads to Taiwan?

China is ramping up threats as reports say House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is visiting Taiwan Tuesday. The White House revealed what Beijing could do and how the United States would respond.

Senators this week are taking up two massive spending bills. One is to help veterans, while the other will change how businesses and Americans file taxes.

The U.S. Postal Service is creating a new division for mail-in ballots. How will this impact the upcoming midterm elections?

The Biden administration’s latest plan is to give federal IDs to illegal immigrants. We talked to Chad Wolf, former acting secretary of Homeland Security, about the border crisis and its implications on the midterms.

President Joe Biden is in his second round of isolation after testing positive again for the CCP virus on Saturday.

The Epoch Times was censored on Twitter heading into the weekend. Following a flood of pushback, including from several lawmakers, The Epoch Times is no longer being censored, at least for now.

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