Capitol Report Full Broadcast (Aug. 10)

Steve Lance
By Steve Lance
August 10, 2023Capitol Report

On the election front, President Trump said that he will not support his rivals ahead of the Republican presidential debate in Wisconsin. And a new campaign ad backing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is directly targeting President Trump.

In an update on former President Donald Trump’s ongoing legal challenges: special counsel Jack Smith is urging a speedy trial, as a possible Georgia indictment looms.

New data revealed that the U.S. inflation rate in July climbed over 3 percent from a year ago. What does this number mean and what’s the next move for the Federal Reserve?

Oregon’s governor is creating a new task force to improve living conditions in downtown Portland. The goal is to fix crime, homelessness, and more.

A verdict was reached in the case of investigative journalist Andy Ngo versus Rose City Antifa. The journalist and his attorney join us with their reactions.

A presidential candidate has been murdered in Ecuador. He was known for speaking out against organized crime.