Capitol Report Full Broadcast (May 15)

Florida stops funding diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in higher education. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump criticized the state’s abortion laws.

Ahead of a make-or-break meeting between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on debt ceiling negotiations, what are the two saying as time is running out to avoid a default?

Officers gathered in Washington, D.C., Monday to honor fallen police officers, as lawmakers gear up to pass a series of bills to support law enforcement. Find out how a GOP-led bill aims to protect officers from being attacked by illegal immigrants.

I speak with a former law professor about what we know about the Biden family’s business dealing with foreign entities.

A court in China sentences an American citizen to life in prison. The Chinese regime accuses him of spying but didn’t disclose any information about his detention or charges.

The USPS is cracking down on mail theft. Find out how big the problem is, and what the agency is doing throughout the country to prevent it.