Capitol Report (Jan. 20): Biden Slipping in the Polls

Thursday marks the first year of President Joe Biden’s time in the Oval Office. What do lawmakers have to say about it, and what’s Biden’s vision for his next year in office?

With Biden’s first year currently in review, we speak with Congressman Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) to get his thoughts. He also weighs in on the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics and the implications they may have in glorifying the Chinese Communist Party, all while the regime continues to carry out multiple genocides.

FBI agents raided and searched the home and campaign office of Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Texas). An FBI spokeswoman confirmed the incident, saying the congressman is part of a “law enforcement activity.”

Sen. Joe Manchin is asking his colleagues where the good ole‘ days are—after he and one other Democrat blocked their own party’s efforts to change Senate rules to push through a bill that would change election laws.

Biden’s voting rule may be shot down for now, but questions still remain as to whether there could be another path to change elections laws. We take a look where things stand and what might get done.

Weekly new jobless claims jumped to a three-month high, as Omicron continues to disrupt the labor market recovery.

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