Capitol Report (Jan. 31): 56 Bills Introduced to Ban CRT

At the White House Monday, President Joe Biden met with state governors, encouraging them to make good use of the billions in federal aid received this past year. Hours later, he welcomed Qatar’s leader to discuss oil supply, Iran nuclear talks, and Afghanistan.

Critical race theory may have been the deciding factor in the race for governor in Virginia a few months ago. Will this Marxist ideology play a role in the 2022 midterm elections and beyond?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has expressed support for one of Biden’s picks for the Supreme Court.

Tensions over Ukraine are high. U.S. and Russian diplomats clash over the Ukraine crisis at a high-stakes U.N. meeting Monday.

NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom is calling the Beijing Olympics “The Medal of Shame.” He reminds those athletes about the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses and hopes they can all take a stand for what is right.

Tens of millions of Americans received free COVID tests kits in the mail due to a White House initiative. But some lawmakers were upset when they found out where the tests were made.

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