Capitol Report (July 14): Last World War II Medal of Honor Recipient Honored; Investigation: US Emergency Oil Shipped to China

President Joe Biden is wrapping up his visit to Israel, yet he’s faced with complicated geopolitical questions as pressure from inflation mounts at home. What’s he saying about Iran and his next stop—Saudi Arabia?

Service members could see around a 5 percent raise in their salaries, as the House spent hours of floor time passing the annual defense bill. This year’s bill has historic increases for the Pentagon and more.

Chinese espionage comes in various forms. A United States senator is ringing alarm bells over the Chinese Communist Party’s bid to purchase 300 acres of farmland in North Dakota. Sen. Kevin Cramer joins us to discuss.

Inflation continues to sink the U.S. economy as lines at food banks grow across the country and working Americans are struggling to pay daily costs.

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley is calling on the Department of Energy’s inspector general to explain how many barrels of oil were shipped to China. This comes after a Reuters report last week said that the Biden administration took crude oil from the U.S. emergency reserve and shipped it overseas.

The head of the FBI just warned the West that the Chinese Communist Party is on the march and is the greatest threat to Western civilization.

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