Capitol Report (June 2): Lawmakers Clash Over Gun Laws; Aftermath of Pandemic Lockdowns

Democrats on Capitol Hill are trying to make the case for why the federal government should crack down on gun rights. Republicans are forcefully pushing back. Meanwhile, some are urging Congress to take the middle ground.

A new energy plan is proposed by House Republicans. How does it address soaring gas prices, and what’s the GOP’s take on climate change? And what part does the plan play in the upcoming elections?

The World Economic Forum just wrapped up their annual summit last week and this once little-talked-about organization is being talked about more and more.

The White House announced a new slate of sanctions on Russian elites with close ties to Vladamir Putin.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the Chinese communist regime is America’s most serious long-term challenge. He said the United States is working with coalition partners to counter the long-term threat China poses to a rules-based world order.

Naomi Wolf is a feminist who for much of her life was a Democrat, and may still be, but in the aftermath of the global pandemic and the subsequent measures that were taken, she was forced to reconsider some of her views. She has just released a new book and we had a chance to sit down with her to discuss.

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