Capitol Report (June 27): SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Open Prayer; Pregnancy Centers Under Attack

Group of Seven (G-7) leaders are moving closer to imposing a “price cap” on Russian oil. What would that mean, and will it actually work? Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is committing $200 billion to a global infrastructure plan to counter China.

In another high-profile ruling, the Supreme Court sided with a former football coach who sought to pray openly after football games.

Energized protestors flooded streets across the country this weekend and continued Monday. We’ll take a look at how folks around America are responding post-Roe v. Wade.

The protests continue against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. We have reactions from leaders of the pro-life movement on what this means now—and moving forward.

The “red wave” that Republicans have been promising is showing up with suburban voters. Recent reports show more voters are switching to the GOP despite the Democrats being the majority party in power.

Do you know someone living with PTSD? June is PTSD Awareness Month. We take a look at what symptoms to look for and how to cope.

Post-traumatic stress plagues many veterans when they return from war. We speak to an active-duty combat veteran about how he copes with post-traumatic stress.

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