Capitol Report (March 14): Ukraine’s President to speak to U.S. Congress

Congress is acting to revoke Russia’s normal trade status. Russia may soon default on its debt for the first time in over a century. And President Joe Biden could make a trip to Europe soon.

The United States and China on Monday held the first high-level, in-person talks on Ukraine. What did they say? And how are they reacting to reports that Beijing is helping the Russian military?

As Russia’s war in Ukraine wages on and the world watches, there is another war being waged behind the scenes. America is being tested on many fronts. We take a look at that, as well as the battle back home for Second Amendment rights.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address members of Congress in a virtual call.

Five shootings targeted homeless people in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Police need your help to find the suspect.

Crime across America is raging out of control. Many blue cities that called to defund the police are now seeing record surges in violent crime. We sit down with Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis who represents part of New York City to discuss.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on Monday said that he opposes Biden’s pick for a powerful position on the Federal Reserve Board. Who and why?

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