Capitol Report (March 2): China Threat Not Mentioned in SOTU; US Reps Worry China Could Invade Taiwan

U.S. lawmakers are pushing for a fresh wave of penalties against Russia, from hitting its energy exports to opening a war crime probe. What could some of the next steps be?

Michael Caputo was campaign adviser to former President Donald Trump, and he spent several years in Russia during the Clinton administration. His family is still in Ukraine trying to make their way out. He gives us an update and shares his thoughts on what he thinks will be the fate of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky as Russian forces close in.

President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee met with key senators Wednesday—her first step toward confirmation to the nation’s highest court. How much support does she have and how soon could she be sworn in?

The White House is announcing its latest plan for handling the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus global pandemic. The plan is expected to have four parts.

Tuesday night, Biden gave his State of the Union address. He talked a lot about Ukraine but did not mention one of America’s greatest threats.

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